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I've been putting off writing this article for the better part of two three weeks now because I simply hate to lose things.  Earlier this month IGC lost one of its guilds as it picked up another off of TOR's launch.  Violent Impact officially collapsed after the holiday for a number of reasons, one of which includes the difficulty of keeping a raid guild together under the conditions that Trion allowed to persist within their game.  Unlimited server transfers, buggy instances, and the like were all contributing factors to the guild's end, but regardless of those facts, the outcome was the same.

I'd like to keep things positive though by taking a look back of the successes of the guild, as they are both a testament to the quality of players we brought into the community (and are still around too; more on this in a bit) and the greatness of IGC as a whole.  During its lifetime (3/11-12/11), Violent Impact succeeded in obtaining a plethora of server firsts.  They were active on both the PvE and PvP fronts on Keenblade.  At its inception, VI was only the second guild to become part of the Impact Gaming Community--VI is what turned us into a community!  We expanded from just Neutral Impact into a two-guild community that had high hopes and strong leadership.  I'll never forget its string of leaders or the accomplishments they (the guild) have (these cannot be taken away from them with a simple 'had').  So many of the players were just amazing people and a lot decided to stay on for future games.  Many others joined Radiant Impact, our newest chapter, which plays Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Leadership held VI together through the worst of times.  Its playerbase kept it raiding 3-4 nights a week.  The friendships that have been made are unbreakable bonds now and since the guild's disbanding, a good portion of the guild still graces us regularly with their presence on Teamspeak and the forums.  I'll never forget all the good (and the bad!) times I had in helping shape VI at the start.  I enjoyed watching it blossom into a fully functioning semi-hardcore raid guild in a volatile gaming environment.  Where ever the players now unaccounted for have gone, they remain the true lifeblood of what the guild was and still, and we wish them the best in their gaming endeavors.  We can only hope they will somehow find their way to us when VI is reborn.  Yes, Violent Impact is in fact NOT dead!

Naughtius, the guild leader of Violent Impact, has assured me that the guild will be reformed for the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2 later this year!  For the time being everything about VI simply remains in hiding (some of it in plain sight) and many members will make their triumphant return in AreaNet's follow up to their previous smash hit onling multiplayer game of dragons and mayhem!  That said, we will inform everyone when recruitment for GW2 is opening up ahead of time.  If you're interested in a group that is looking to smash face in GW2 in the near future, then check back often.  We'll still be here (:p) and I guarantee you'll have one of the most amazing groups of players at your side if you do!

Good luck to Violent Impact in its future endeavors!

We will be glad to see your return in Guild Wars 2!


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