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This morning's early Lodestone post has the FFXIV community roaring!


Big changes are on the horizon for SE's newest MMORPG title and we here at Impact Gaming, and Neutral Impact specifically, are really looking forward to how one of our games is going to shape up in the near future! In short the head honchos over at Square Enix have replaced a big chunk of the development team, including producer and director Tanaka with a few familiar faces, and some new ones. The new project will be headed up by a new guy, Naoki Yoshida, and other positions will be filled by veterans who've worked on the Dragon Quest series, Dark Remnant, Dirge of Cerberus, and other titles.


This has us really looking forward to what is to come. Primarily this means that the game's future is much brighter, and that is good for us indeed! Among all the good news, we're also going to get to continue playing the game for free until they've worked out all the kinks. Sadly though, PS3 release is going to be delayed. But you know what? Who cares as long as you get a solid MMOG to play in a year (or two even).


We are in your hands SE, and eagerly awaiting your next move. Surprise us!!!


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