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We're Growing Up!

The Impact Gaming Community is one year old now and it's been a fantastic twelve months for us!

Last year Neutral Impact started it all but since October '10 we've seen the rise of two new chapters, Violent Impact and Radiant Impact.  Violent Impact has done an amazing job keeping up with content in Rift and destroying it too!  Radiant Impact hss been in heavy recruitment over the past two months and is ready for deployment in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Our founding guild has done an excellent job clearing FFXIV dungeons and is waiting for the next big thing now.

IGC was busy all year.  We saw the addition of a WoW guild (Sudden Impact) for a short time, and although they did not stick around, he made some great contacts.  VI merged with a guild on Keenblade and brought in a plethora of solid players.  NI did a few repearlings and did away with DKP for the good of the linkshell.  We've recruited over 100 unique players to our community over the past year and have maintained at least that number of active players for some time now.  Our media teams have been on the ball posting screenshots, making videos, and bumping recruitment posts as well.  Honestly, what HASN'T been happening?  So much has been going on it's hard to keep track of it all!

Of course, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows.  We've seen many players come and go, as well as leaders.  We've had our failures, wipes, and arguments.  We've seen changes of the guard in nearly every facet of the community.  There's been disagreements, feuds, and we've even made some enemies!  But ya know what?  It comes with the territory.  Our players are experienced enough in the MMO world to know that's just standard operating procedure for guilds and communities alike.  Through it all we've managed to stay stable, be successful, gain notoriety, and move forward in all our active chapters.  We miss all those players who were once a part of our family and hope that they are successful in whatever they've chosen to do, no matter where they're playing now.

That said, I want to dedicate this one to all the players who have stuck with us through thick and thin and who are still kicking ass!  I of course cannot forget the players who are now with us and helping us grow our community every day, with every zone clear, boss-downing, PvP slaughterfest, guild meeting, or teamspeak chat.  I speak on behalf of all IGC staff when I say Thank You for being there to make our community bigger, better, and bringing it to the next level!

Keep rocking guys, for the rest of the year and all those to come.  Remember that without you, there is no community, no guild, no fun.  The player is what makes the community what it is, not me or any of the leaders by themselves.

So raise a glass for yourselves today!!!

Happy Birthday IGC!!!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open