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Big things are starting to brew here at IGC again. With the announcement of a release date on the horizon for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR), we've begun preliminary recruitment for this new game.  As with Rift, I began the process by attempting to identify a leader within the community, but in my search for one, I found only players. Well, that was OK! So I went out into the MMO community at large and posted up an opening for a Rift GM. We had a couple of applicants and among all of them, one really stood out--Maveric. He was given the position and things in Violent Impact now are greater than I had hoped at this point in the game's life. The next few steps were simple. Recruitment took off and went well, the guild played beta, filtered out some members, and now it is at the top of its server.


The success presented by VI will be the launchpad for new chapters as we form them. While the concept of "community" is difficult to understand in the context we present it, it will become more apparent as time passes. We are still a relatively small community as things go, but between our two small guilds, we have some great players with big aims. But size doesn't matter right!? Well I'd certainly like the community to be larger and based on the interest of the current community, we'll be expanding into Star Wars (hopefully) and Tera (certainly).


In preparation for these games (guilds), which will likely launch stateside by the end of this year, I've begun the process all over again, beginning with the identification of guild masters. Star Wars poses an interesting challenge and within the community, we have many players, but no one person who is willing to take the reigns. This isn't surprising given the varied opinions on the game itself and so I have had to do as I did with Rift and start community outreach on mmo sites across the 'net. I've also placed that bulletin in our community section. In the meantime, we've also begun tossing out suggestions for a guild name and we've decided to reserve Force Impact for the time begin. I would certainly like to see something more creative but this seems to be the "popular" choice thus far. I've setup a site on anyway:


Where Tera is concerned, there is someone who has deep leadership experience and enjoys the Korean art style. I think he's gonna be great for the community and will take our Tera chapter (name still in the works) to great heights. Chances are there will be a good amount of present community members who will hop over to Tera full-time, at least from what I have seen thus far. That would certainly be unique for us, and is much more inline with what a typical gaming community does. Anyway, Tera will certainly be launching within IGC and that alone has me very giddy.


The launch of two new chapters so closely to one another presents interesting issues. For one, it will be difficult to balance time between them as the Community Manager. For another, it may slightly weaken some of our current guilds. This assumption is only based on how small our community is now, and should be offset but the steady stream of applications NI and VI receive anyway. My last concern rests more on SW:TOR than any other. It's a game we know a lot about but also don't quite understand in its entirety. It's also sci-fi genre, which raises interesting points on its own. I think it will all work out great in the end, and I will certainly do my best to get everything setup to accommodate these new chapters.


Here's to the future of Impact Gaming! See you on the boards :)


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