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The Planetside 2 beta has been a long time coming. Announced around the beginning of the year, beta sign-ups quickly followed the announcement. Ever present on has been the nagging blurb stating "Beta hasn't started yet, but we'll let you know when you're granted access via the email address provided during sign-up." Months went by with no hint of the approaching beta. Then E3 arrived, and things began to move very rapidly.

Just prior to E3, there was a Planetside 2 dual commentary with TotalBiscuit and Planetside 2 creator director Matt Higby:

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Over the course of the commentary, Higby eventually slips that those who signed up for the beta should be expecting news very quickly following the end of E3. Well, E3 came and went, and it has been weeks with very little news on the beta status of Planetside 2; until today.

Having long been heckled by fans regarding his luxurious mane, creative director Matt Higby had prviously told the Planetside 2 community that he would only get a haircut when the beta is ready to be released. After much speculation, it looks like he finally made that appointment and should be getting it cut off today! 

Revealed earlier on the StationBlog, it was announced that the Planetside 2 team has indeed reserved Floyd's 99 Barbershop for today's Beta Kickoff Event. And yes, Matt Higby will indeed be receiving a most auspicious haircut.



To further cement the idea of the beta starting off on Friday the 13th is this blurb from twitter - reinforcing that even if you cannot make it to the Floyd's Beta Event, beta will indeed be kicking off for Planetside vets and those with beta keys.

As a reminder - the beta is for anyone that got a key through the twitter campaign or elsewhere, as well as all Planetside veterans who registered for the beta. This means if you ever paid for Planetside in the past, and used your proper SOE account to apply for beta; you are in. If you fall into this category, you'll will want to log into your station account and make sure your contact information is accurate.

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