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Not Just for MMO Players Anymore!


It's not a big secret around here that we've been working on an APB to address the global gaming community at large.  We've finally put the finishing touches on a document today, thanks primarily to the help of Papaj (Violent Impact Officer), that will take IGC to new heights!  Starting today, IGC is officially launching its campaign to draw in RTS, FPS, and other clan-based gamers!  While we don't forsee a huge influx of players right away, we're certain to draw in a nice helping of new and fresh faces, voices, and personalities to our great community over the next few months.

As part of our year-long campaign to double or even triple or current member base, the idea to extend ourselves into these popular games was a natural progression of IGC.  I mean we are a Gaming Community after all, right?  Why limit ourselves to just MMORPGs?  In the past I've seen the success of League of Legends here.  We've had a number of outsiders use our TS, most of which I've never gotten to personally meet, which play LoL with community members.  Games like LoL are popular and have really great fans.  It was a no-brainer to say "Hey, why don't we have a group for that?".  Well, now we can!

Alrighty, so here's how we're going about this.  We're going to be plastering our little APB in as many places as we can think of.  Casting a wide net will give us the best chance to reach the most amount of players.  In the meantime, I am going to be looking for a few good men and women to help me get this a little more organized too.  You'll be able to find our post in some common places like, IGN, and other sites which generally target large varieties of gamers.  Have a suggestion for a site?  Just send me an PM and I'll look into it!  For those who want to read it now, just click this: link!

Anyway, special thanks to Papaj for helping me get this off the ground, and also thank you to the few who gave me feedback.  I hope this will really take us to new heights.  I simply can't wait to really sink my teeth into all the fun that's left this year.  We're gonna have a real blast :)

Until next time, Impact Gamers!  Rock on!


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