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Public Groups for All!


Greetings and welcome to Impact Gaming, especially if this is your first visit!  Lately I've been thinking about ways to bring new members into the fold without requiring all the secrecy and access level stuff that our guilds use.  Today I've finally decided that IGC will open its doors to all and welcome in gamers of all types with the introduction of Gamer Groups.  Gamer Groups comprise themselves of 3 or more players who are interested in a particular game and want to represent IGC while playing it!  Gamer Groups can be made for any game, in any genre, including MMORPGs.

Gamer Groups are distinct from our official chapters in several ways.  Firstly, they can be joined by anyone who registers on our site.  There is no application process and no distinct leadership or "man in charge".  Of course, personalities being what they are, someone will eventually take the lead on a Gamer Group, and I'm cool with that.

Secondly, these groups are not listed in our menu system on the front page of the website.  Instead the gamer group dwells where everyone else does; on the forums!  Each group will be given its own public forum (and TS channel!) and those interested in joining can contact the members active in those sections for information on how to hook-up.  We're always available by email as well (just check the contact directory).

Third, Gamer Groups are not necessarily all "semi-hardcore", and may including a variety of skill levels and play times.  This allows the group to create its own pulse and determines its own MO, whereas our official chapters all follow the same procedures, have similar rules, and primarily focus on progression.  This is probably the most major difference between Gamer Groups and our typical Chapter Guilds.

Lastly, gamer groups do not necessarily follow the same naming pattern of the official guilds.  I forsee most Gamer Groups simply being called "Impact Gaming", "Impact Gaming Community", or simply "IGC".  This will give us a nice bit of exposure in games we form groups for.

Now that this is in the books, the next step is to bring RTS and FPS Gamer Groups into the mix.  As per my last post on the topic, we are still working on editing/finalizing a post which will invite gamers from all genres, all locations, and all skill levels here to IGC.  Look forward to the big news over the next month or so when we can push that campaign out.  This is gonna be a lot of fun!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open