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IGC Seeks to Add FPS and RTS Chapters


Anyone who has been listening to our past couple of meetings or spoken to me lately has heard me cryptically talk about growing IGC into something bigger and better this year.  This past week I set aside some time to put my thoughts down on paper and I've come up with a plan to make the community much larger.  Some of this is born out of the failings of the MMO genre to deliver us something substantial.  Often new games rise and fall within just a month or two and that creates difficulties when trying to maintain a large playerbase spread over several different games.  Luckily for us we've had a pretty good retention rate on players and many have come back to join new chapters as they're created.  That is one of our great strengths, but man cannot thrive on recycling alone! (Yeah, I made that up).  We want fresh meat for the grinder, and we want to try a little bit of everything too!

With all that said, we're going to take a big leap into a very deep pool.  By the end of this month I plan to introduce IGC to the rest of the gaming world as a community looking to break into and attain successes in worlds outside of our norm.  I'll be posting an APB, which the entire community is currently assisting me in editing and finalizing, which will state our goal.  We wish to bring First-Person Shooter and Real-time Strategy game-based groups into our mix.  We've setup preliminary forums and webspace for potential additions and are pretty much ready to rock 'n roll should we get a a bite or two!

I know it's hard to imagine just how profound a change this might be for us.  Whenever we add a new chapter, it just kind of coexists with everything else.  They do their thing, and sometimes we move around channels or get visited by other IGC members in our channels for a chat.  We meet new people all the time in our individual game worlds and sometimes those players want to be apart of what we have here.  Up to this point it's been pretty "easy", looking back.  Managing four guilds certainly doesn't sound like a walk in the park, and it isn't, but the leadership of this community has made it all very enjoyable and entertaining for me.  I can't complain when I have great leaders that are able to handle their guild business and keep me in the loop.  Those guys set an example for their members more than I ever could.

But enough about that!  Here's the deal:  If you are a member, or just passing by even, love FPS/RTS games, have or want a clan, are looking for some love on the web (I mean hosting btw, none of that weird stuff!), desire a new name and/or image, or just want to be part of something that isn't just "these guys I game with", then IGC is willing to take you on if you think you can meet our standards.  We really do have a lot to offer and anyone here will tell you that.  Just click the four links to the right of the slideshow and that should give you a pretty good idea of how we roll day-in and day-out.  Game here and expand IGC into something bigger than just a MMORPG community.  That's right, WE WANT YOU to bring us something like never before.

It's been a real blast thus far and nothing could be better than bringing in a few seasoned gamers looking to headshot n00bs and zergrush baddies.  I will be spamming the send/receive on my mailbox in anticipation!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to making some new online friends!  See ya!


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