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This article was our 2012 April Fool's Joke!

Major League Soccer comes to IGC!


In recent weeks I've spent a lot of time talking about community.  Anyone who has listened to me for even a millisecond has probably heard me droning on about expansion into new games.  Well that just wasn't good enough!  So I set out on a mission to put us in a bigger and better position in the gaming world.  Meanwhile, the recording of our community meeting a few week back caught the attention of a Major League Soccer team.  To my surprise, they really liked what we had to offer.  As it turns out many of this team's players dabble in MMO and other games.  Apparently they had forwarded our website url and my contact info to Team Owner, Joey Saputo, who got ahold of me via telephone shortly thereafter.

Mr. Saputo and I had a great deal to talk about.  He asked about our community, its structure, the current player base and of course sponsorship opportunities.  I was able to answer most of the questions he threw at me but there were some things just out of grasp for the time being (like funding).  Needless to say he accepted all my answers and decided he wanted to bring his team here.  So to IGC, I present the Montreal Impact, IGC's newest addition and first foray into athletic gaming!

This is a very exciting time for all of us here at IGC, myself in particular.  Joining forces with a real life soccer team is just crazy!  It's something I never thought would happen in a million years, and yet here we are on the cusp of something new and spectacular for us.  Of course, a new chapter means a lot of change too.  But before I get into that, I want to outline what this team brings to our community!

The Montreal Impact play like they've got nothing to lose.  They're a scrappy young team, sporting a record of 0-3-1 this year, with a lot of heart.  Unfortunately most of them only speak French so communicating with them might be problematic.  All members of IGC, including Trial Members and F&F status players, will all be granted season tickets to every game the Impact play for the length of their contract here at IGC.  That is to say, the next two seasons, at which time we will go back into negotiations to renew their status as a part of IGC.

In exchange for this, all Montreal Impact players inherit the same rights that all current IGC players have.  They will be able to move between chapters freely and utilize our TS, forums, and all the other perks that come with membership.  Over the next few days I'll be setting up their forums, which will be utilized to discuss plans of action, team plays, and a variety of other soccer-related topics.  Head Coach Jesse Marsch was particularly excited by this prospect.  He had this to say about the merger:

"I think IGC is a great place to grow my team.  We'll have one centralized place to go and talk about how we're going to lose every game next season, and the one after that too.  If nothing else, we can put everything on Youtube and watch us bumble around on the field right from the comfort of our own website.  Personally I would have quit this crap by now, but this whole thing seems so unorthodox, I think I might stick around to see how it all goes down."

Of course, this was all said in French and is probably only a rough translation of what he actually said.

So what's gonna change for the members here already?  Well a few things!  Firstly, we'll be seeing a lot of new names and faces on TS and on the boards, but we're used to that already.  To help us get to know them better, the Montreal Impact staff have struck a deal with a local college that utilizes online classrooms.  Every Saturday morning, it will become mandatory for all members of IGC to attend these classes to take part in a six-week course to learn French.  If you already know French then you're excused, otherwise you've gotta show up.  Classes will be mixed too, so you won't just be going when everyone in your chapter attends.  We'll fit everyone in though, so don't worry.  As a bonus, everyone completing the course will receive a sweet-ass certificate and a regulation soccer ball signed by the whole team!  Sweet, right?

I'll be posting more updates as they come in, since this is just too big a deal to contain in one small post.  In the meantime, prepare yourselves for the impact (haha) this is going to have on every one of you!  This is a very exciting time for us and I don't want anyone to be left behind.

So until next time, rock on everyone!  (I should probably learn how to say that in French.)


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Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
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