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The Secret World -- Part of the IGC Future?

A number of IGC members have approached me with interest in this game, and they are seeking guidance and leadership.  As Community Manager, I would normally take it upon myself to play the game and get the guild off the ground, but eventually I would need to hand the reins off the someone else.  I can't play every MMO in the world after all!

As such, I'm looking for someone to come into our community who has a strong interest in The Secret World, and build our new chapter.  You would need to have some history of guild leading (and success therein).  Of course you would not be alone in this endeavor!  Since I've done this twice before, and have over 10 years of MMO guild leading and structuring experience myself, I will be your personal assistant throughout the entire project, even after you find officers for your guild.  After sometime, I'll let the reins go entirely and just watch your progress.  We have had great success in each of our guilds using this format.  As Community Manager I do not lead your guild, that's all yor and the officers you pick, but I do peek in from time to time to make sure our philosophy, goals, and standards of recruitment and the like are being enforced.

In short, I'm looking for someone to come into IGC and make something great within The Secret World.  No, there's no pay, and everything is free, from web access, Teamspeak use, and the rest.  We are just a group of players who loves gaming and seeing new names and hearing new voices just as much.

If you are interested in this position, contact me immediately via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I look forward to speaking with you on TS for a short Q & A with me and the other guild leaders (we have to approve you of course!  Don't worry, we don't bite).  Seriously though, we really want to build something amazing in The Secret World and bring in about 30-50 more members before June 2012.  Is this you?  Then what are you waiting for?!

You can see the full post on the matter on The Secret World Official Forums.



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