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Tonight we recorded our fifth podcast.  Yes, we've made it this far!  Listen to the Podcast crew discuss PvE mechanics, the importance of teamwork, MOBAs, and what we thought about the Playstation Meeting that took place a few months ago.  Read on for the full track.  We hope you enjoy it!

Check out our fourth podcast!  Today we compare and contrast the indie consoles just around the corner.  We also touch upon some of the DON'Ts MMO developers won't touch!  Lastly we discuss character progression models over the past decade.  It's a lot of fun and give us a download today!

Our third podcast was live today!  In this episode we let the whole gang chat it up about indie games and kickstarter success.  Cichy, Ashthor, Papaj, Naughtius and Seifer takes us around the horn and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Our second podcast was live today!  In this episode Seifer, Court, and Papaj tackle topics like PvP mechanics and Day 1 DLC!  Stick around to hear a little about Planetside 2.  Helix talks about our League of Legends Gamer Group too!

IGC launches it's first ever Podcast!  On today's episode we banter about the WoW killer concept, MMOs being too easy, and lose ourselves in the drama that is casual vs. hardcore.  Later on in the show we discuss MechWarrior Online, Torchlight II, SimCity World, and even some Assassin's Creed. 


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Podcast - Podcast #93
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