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Goals: Have fun playing tabletop games!
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
We utilize Tabletop Simulator, Teamspeak and stream on Twitch!

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Saturday at 4 PM EST / Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST
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Let's check out this game called Not Alone! It's an asymmetrical role-playing game where one player is a monster and the rest of us are being hunted. We played two quick games of this one and it was a fun challenge to try and avoid the monster. There is a lot of strategy to this one so check it out and see how we fared!

Tonight we tackled the very interesting hidden-move game Fury of Dracula. If you've seen or played Scotland Yard before you'll be right at home with this one. But there's a twist! In this game when you finally catch the invisible Lord Dracula, you enter into a sort of mini-game combat with him. Dracula can stand and fight or flee and live another day. Then the hunt begins anew. This is a very long game and we only played a few hours of a potentially epic campaign. Check it out to see how it plays and what we thought of it too.

Random Impact decides to play a random game of Unpleasantries. This is a Kickstarter game and if you've ever played Cards Against Humanities, it's a bit like that. Cards have a root word and several derivatives of that word on them and you object of the game is to use a chosen card (like the "black" card in CAH) and any cards in your hand to string together the worst insult and fling it at the judge! Best insult wins everytime. Canadians are probably too polite to play this game, as we found out. Watch for full details!

Our regulars gather around the table to play a little Scotland Yard tonight. Grey plays the elusive Mr. X while AIMonster, Wintertide, and Woozledoozel try to chase him down. WIll Mr. X make them run in circles or will he be captured and brought to justice by England's finest? Watch the full game and find out!

Here we go again! Smallworld is a community favorite it seems. Today we rock out with five players all vying for a spot on this tiny map. What race will rule the day? Get destroyed immediately? Survive the test of time while in decline? All these questions are answered right here on this episode of IGC Gameternoon!


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