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  • Return to Waterdeep (Lords of Waterdeep)

    Faerun just isn't the same without us! Tonight we return to Waterdeep to see which Lord will rule the city. After 8 rounds of schemes and corruption we tally it up and see who prevails. Come watch this super-fun game of intrigue.

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  • Return to the Mansion (Elder Sign)

    We are back after the Thanksgiving Holiday break and ready to play! We dive into the mansion of horror twice more. Here's two games of Elder Sign back-to-back for your viewing pleasure. First game is against Hastur and the second, Yog Sothoth. Watch as we struggle, whine, generally feels unpleasant, but have a good time anyway. Elder Sign is where it's at!

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  • Make Shinies, Get Bitches ("Kobolds")

    Tonight we give "Kobolds" a try. This is a competitive game where you place kobold minions inside mines to try and collect the most shinies possible. Some kobolds have special powers while others just show up for loot. You can try to do your own thing or engage directly in battle with the competition, but make no mistake, eventually you will get raided! This is a really cool game. Check it out!

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  • Who's got Balls of Steel? (Cash 'n Guns)

    Gangsters everywhere! Tonight we played Cash N Guns a game where mob bosses tell people who to shoot, other people out of the way, and those with balls of steel get the loot. This is a fun take-a-chance game with shallow but interesting strategy. Watch as we rough each other up and vie for the big loot! Who's gonna get da cement shooz? Keep yer eyes peeled.

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Best Games of e3?

6 months 5 days ago #1 by Kahnya
Kahnya created the topic: Best Games of e3?
There's still more to come I'm sure with Ubisoft's conference here in about 15 minutes and Sony's tonight at 9, but with EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda's behind us, what games have caught peoples attention?

For me (and probably many others) ANTHEM looks freaking amazing. The graphics looked pretty incredible and it seemed to be very well done as far as the texture detail, and the animations. Not to mention the first look at the game play looked wild and I can't wait to see more of that in the future.

Metro also looked really good. It was a very intense feeling as they went through the game play. Definitely a game I am excited for as well.

What about others? Any games stand out to you?
6 months 5 days ago #2 by Grey
Grey replied the topic: Best Games of e3?
Metro looked good even though I wasn't a fan of the series. Anthem also looks great but freemium is a {No thanks} for me in every language. IDK lotsa stuff look cool, even the new AC, but I think they're getting away from AC with that game imo.
6 months 5 days ago - 6 months 5 days ago #3 by Athrin
Athrin replied the topic: Best Games of e3?
Monster Hunter
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6 months 4 days ago - 6 months 4 days ago #4 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Best Games of e3?
Liked Anthem, Metro Exodus, Monster Hunter, Battlefront II and Wolfenstein. That Skull and Bones pvp pirate game looked pretty great too . Dragonball Fighter Z looks like the fighting dbz game everyone wanted 20 years ago, but just got now. Overall the conferences were pretty mediocre, wasn't really wow'd by anything.
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6 months 4 days ago #5 by Kahnya
Kahnya replied the topic: Best Games of e3?
I think Anthem was the only game I was wow'ed by. Other than that I would agree it was subpar to what it could have been.

Got another little "demo" of Destiny 2 with an e3 trailer, and some PS4 exclusive shit which it going to be pretty lame for PC players. I didn't expect much though after they pretty much gave us a ton of information not long ago.


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