Hello Everyone! I’m happy to announce the coming of a new chapter to IGC with the addition ofBallistic Impact, a structured, semi-realism tactical shooter group focused on Arma 3. The nature of Arma 3 means it can support groups as small as two or up into the range of over one hundred all at once. We aim to be somewhere in the middle, bringing 20-50 players into the community for regular weekly ops and intermittent gaming. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all comers whether they be new or long time Tactical Gurus.

For those who don't know, Arma 3 is a tactical shooter where nearly anything is possible. Combat can scale from as small as squad vs squad based missions all the way up to massive combined arms operations. Ballistic Impact will be operating throughout that scale. The community surrounding Arma 3 is also very vibrant, especially considering modding. There are thousands of mods available for the game, many aimed at increasing realism and immersion, increasing the amount of content available to players and mission makers, and some that exist just to provide a different experience from the main game. We intend to take full advantage of the mods available to us to provide a more immersive, and engaging experience to our members.

Being such a varied, scale-able game, there's something to do for people of all interests, whether you prefer direct contact in close quarters environments, indirect combat through fire support, flying advanced aircraft, or driving 60 ton beasts into the gaping maw of the modern battlefield. That being said, Ballistic Impact will provide training and run operations encompassing all of these ares for those interested.


 We Have Missiles!

 And *Almost* Dead Tanks!

Join Today!


We Also Have Goats


# Grey Jorildyn 2017-02-11 20:19
Glad to have yas onboard!

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