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Sea, the land of glorious obis and gorgets (p.s. It’s pronounced Gor-jet and I’m really disappointed it’s not more French-sounding), the land of untried promise, the home of the Celestial Capital of the Zilart, the land of...


Well, shit.

Most aren’t too terribly far behind on this lofty goal (hopefully sans UFOs charming and eating their faces), and with ½ event days taken to fuel progression we’ve gotten a bunch of folks up to Sacrarium for access to Swift belts and general fomor shenanigans. It’s been great to see people helping out and banding together to get these missions done. Be sure to ask Ash how he feels about CoP!!!!!!!

Kinu, dead as per usual, taken just before a tea break.


Everyone, please mock Hightimessw for his aspect ratio, but praise him for his excellent screenshot timing because this was a memorable moment indeed from the Ouryu cutscenes.

Aside from CoP, there’s been plenty of other things on deck for the SI crew, like...wait….wait a second....HOLY CRAP SHIKA W LEGS FINALLY HOORAY FOR TH4

Please note one of our newest members, Tiiilo, who hit the ground running as the only whm for Kirin. Our second and final Kirin of the evening ALSO dropped W. Legs for everyone's favorite tea addict, Kinu.

With Assassin’s Armlets on our side, we also finally procured proof (alliteration!) that Siren’s hairs from Suzaku do, in fact, exist, and even had a chance to meet up with everyone’s favorite punnable GM, Jaleeyal.

We had even more hairs drop that night, bringing our total of hairs needed for Zenith synths down to 2181928.4.

Unfortunately, after those glorious Sky runs, we had to slow down on Ru’Aun activity due to overcrowding, which led to seeking out something different for event night. We rolled deep out to Wajoam Woodlands...where somehow I thought it would be a good idea to cast Curaga early in the fight, ending up on the sidelines while our melee took it down. (Thanks for covering, Tii)


With event nights and CoP flooding the schedule, it’s awesome (look you guys know that’s code for ‘makes me feel warm and fuzzy’, right?) that we still found opportunities to do things together, like some impromptu Avatar runs where Kin - *coughs* Kinu, is there something you want to tell us?

Or Ron failing his job interview:

And finally, to cap all this insanity off, we claimed Fafnir (pre Fafnap, ofc) and got a Hrotti for Kez to compliment his stripper gear, or dare i say...a Hrotti for the hottie? (Is it really Static Impact if no dad puns are involved?)

That’s it for the “damn we do a LOT together and when you put it all down it’s pretty awesome to see” wrap-up. Tune in time I force myself to stop procrastinating.


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open