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Goals: End-game PvE
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
Server: Hyperion [Legacy]


Mission Statement

Neutral Impact firmly believes the game is not a job. We all have busy personal lives to attend to and that will always take priority over the game.  While our Free Company is not strictly a social group, our social pearl is.  We believe the group and the individual are equal. By extension, we believe members should get the respect they deserve and so transparency is important to us for all things; banks, policies, and planning. Our group believes in always moving forward and as such, all our actions will be focused on reaching the end game and participating in it as best we can, as fast as we can. Lastly, we also believe that the most fair gaming environment is created using custom-tailored rules with a firm foundation of time-tested leadership. Our leadership is experienced and highly structured.  This isn't your run-of-the-mill guild.  We play seriously and also know when to joke around and have a great time.

Our goals will always include defeating all instanced and open world raid content in a quick and productive manner.  We may not be the first, but we will always be in the running.  To accomplish these goals we seek the finest semi-hardcore players available within the Final Fantasy XIV community to bring their talent here and play their hearts out.

Bigger things are on the horizon!  Tonight NI spent its first night in Cutter's Cry and cleared it with a 3-chest run, just 4mins short of a speed run.

Over the weekend NI took its time completing all 7 job quests for the majority of its roster.  We suited up Monday night to finally give the new instances a go and found them to be pretty straightforward.

Neutral Impact clears A Feast of Fools with 20:18 remaining!

Well it's about time!  Over the past two months we have tried to attain this achievement, but as with most end game linkshells it's really hard to keep 8 people interested and logging on consistently!  Well we gave it a serious try over the past few nights and tonight was finally our night!  While we felt we could certainly do better, it was a great weight off our shoulders to join some of the great linkshells out there that have already earned this achievement.  Better late than never, right?!


It feels really good to have done it and we this only affirms what we are capable of when we work together to analyze a fight and communicate as well.  I wouldn't say this was some kind of over-the-top challenge for us, but it certainly required us to buckle down and focus on it for a few nights and just bang it out.

That aside, over the next couple of days Neutral Impact will be announcing its plan for the server merger.  To coincide with this, a new recruitment plan will be put into effect.  Stay tuned for all that news by the end of the week.

Congratulations to everyone in Neutral Impact for coming through big on this one!  Our history just keeps building and building and the future continues to be brighter!


Pictured from left to right: Shiu Sarision, Bracsith Sirrush, Kittra Thelder, Grey Jorildyn, Nakiroth Chanoix, Toc Ammanas, Velera Lunalei, and Ghunter One.

We're heading to Gungnir to meet new people and have a blast!

New Recruitment Officer brings unrivaled passion!

NI took a passionate leap forward bringing in a new Recruitment Officer.  Shiu Sarision wrote a great application for the position this past week and it spoke so much more than it said.

Shiu has been a member of Neutral Impact for almost a year now and has always been apart of a our raid core.  Always willing to fill a spot or drop out for another member, Shiu has shown a level of selflessness characteristic of a great player and member of our little linkshell.  Shiu performs well in all aspects of the game, from mapping (webhost for!), gathering, crafting, and on the battlefield too!  Shiu has always been someone who can be relied on and is someone I know will be here for a very long time.  This is a big step up for any member but I know Shiu will take to it well.

In Shiu's application for this position, big promises were made and I know they will be fulfilled!  In the near future, NI will be unveiling a new strategy for member recruitment and launching a new campaign to find great players on our new server.  Within a few days the products of this new promotion should be evident.  Stay tuned for all the big news coming at ya about NI in the coming weeks!

Congratulations to Shiu on this promotion!  You definitely deserved it for all your hard work!  Good luck!


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