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Beep-Beep!  Server Merger Incoming!


Well it seems we've finally come down to it.  FFXIV director Yoshi-P has finally decided upon a method for merging the servers (or has he...).  On March 1st we're going to be given our first chance to choose a new server to hop to.  Currently our server, Figaro, has tentatively made up its mind as to where it is going; World 6.  Neutral Impact however has other plans.

While we don't necessarily have any particular aversion to World 6, or any other world for that matter, we're taking matters into our own hands and discussing just where we're going to end up on March 27th.  As an end game linkshell, we'd like to be somewhere there is a strong NA presence at or near our timezone.  The NA crowd has simply refused to organize themselves this way, making such a server choice difficult to find.  Our next priority thereafter would be to spread ourselves out a bit more among a new crowd of players.

So that's pretty much the skinny on Neutral Impact at the moment.  We do not have a definite answer for the Figaro community that has been asking us what we're doing.  When we know, we'll let everyone else know.  In the meantime good luck in deciding your FFXIV future!  We'll be doing the same!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
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