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A couple of weeks ago Ruok Mphemala let me know that her real life would be picking up and she would no longer be able to handle the duties of Recruitment Officer for Neutral Impact.  While this saddened me, as Ruok is both a close friend and the only (and last) Senior Leader of NI, there was a need to put someone in her place quickly.

An opening was posted and we did receive some interest in the position.  In the end I chose Atem Zoe ("atem") because I felt he was the best fit for it.  Atem wrote a wonderfully detailed PM to me about his desire to have this position and I felt it was genuine.  Atem has been involved not only in NI, but in League of Legends nights that take place in IGC and he is very active on the boards.  He's very pro-community and he seems to have a lot of ideas that could really help IGC grow.  In addition, Atem was a long-time FFXI end-gamer and raided 10- and 25-man content in World of Warcraft.  During this time in Neutral Impact, he's been active in all aspects of the guild and has even taken advantage of our friends and family policy to recruit one of his close friends who was recently upgraded to end-gamer status who has also proven to be a solid member.  I truly feel this position could be his first step toward something even greater in the future!  I personally look forward to seeing what he will bring to the linkshell and the community as a whole.

That being said, Ruok's loss will certainly be felt during this transition, but there comes a point in all our lives where we must put the game aside and find ourselves.  I wish her the best of luck in whatever she decides to do going forward and I think I speak on behalf of NI when I say that she will be missed.

But now we must look to the future with our heads up.  Congratulations to Atem Zoe on this promotion!  Give him a pat on the back if you see him and make him feel welcome as IGC's newest Officer!  You've earned it.


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