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It seems like only yesterday we were preparing ourselves for the launch of FFXIV 1.0.  Well we're past that now and with the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn right around the corner now, I felt it was probably about time to update everyone on how things have gone and what we're currently working on.  

Our recruitment campaign during the game's downtime and through Beta was a success.  We narrowed down the pile of end game (Free Company) applicants we have received so far to fifteen.  We're taking up to twenty but we will stop accepting them once Phase 4 goes live in a couple of weeks.  Our social linkshell has seen an explosion of applications as well, numbering over thirty.  Some of those members are old-time IGC members and many are fresh players looking to get into FFXIV in a casual way.

Soon we'll be trialing all of the applicants we've gotten and so this week we've decided to take inventory of primary and secondary classes everyone prefers.  With as much Beta as has been played, most players ought to know by now what they want to commit to, with some exception of course.  We also can't forget Summoner and Scholar will be joining the mix at launch and some players may want to take up those reins. 

In about two weeks I'd expect we'll be having a meeting to sort out some last-minute details before the game goes live.  Right now our raid leaders will be testing the waters to see what days work best for people.  Shortly after the raidplanner should be in full-swing again.  We've got a few new officers coming into the mix as well; one for PvP (shortly after launch), an additional PvE officer, and a newly created Linkshell Event Manager.  That last position will be the leader of the social pearl and is tasked with organizing some stuff for newbies.

Long story short--there's a lot of work to be done.  My players are definitely looking forward to it.  They all seem pretty eager to start playing again!  There are good time ahead; I can feel it in mah bones!

Alright guys, we'll check back in later and letcha know when that meeting is happening.  Stay tuned!



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