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Today the NI leaders, and thensome, met to discuss where our organization will move to. After discussion of the pros and cons of the servers that seemed they might work, we have decided that Hyperion would be our best choice.
Hyperion has a number of NA players already there. While it isn't the target of the "hardcore" player, unlike Excalibur, we felt it will be able to sustain our recruitment efforts in the coming months. Luckily for us that concern is low priority for us anyway, seeing as how we have so many recruits in the pipe already. Hyperion server will hopefully allow us to grow our social linkshell quite large. We are aware at this time that other strong groups will likely end up here and our leadership firmly believes we can compete with those groups in the end game scene. With the rise of our press team, other community features, and our group's successes in v1.0, we have little doubt we can maintain a healthy group of players preparing for end game in the IGC social.
Recruitment aside, Hyperion is a server we can establish ourselves on as a dominant force, should we pursue that as a group. There is very little standing in our way to achieving similar or greater success than we've had in the past on this new server. As IGC works to build a brand identity, Neutral Impact must be at the forefront of every aspect of the game in some way. Even if we're #2, we're in competition with the big boys, and that's inherent to our mission.
So, I hope you will all tell your friends and family that are looking for an organized place to chill, learn, and play, that the Impact Gaming Community linkpearl is available to them. The Neutral Impact Free Company will be there when they are ready to be trialed as well. The leadership at NI seeks to build and maintains a strong guild at all times and we have many, many new members that are a part of that now. I know that we're ready to rock on the new server!  Good luck to all the other guilds out there still looking for a home.  Maybe we'll see some of you out there!
Off we go to Hyperion!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open