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We're heading to Gungnir!


Many moons ago I had the pleasure of being involved in talks about what server we would land on for beta.  I can recall how psyched we were to roll on Exdeth server.  We had such a presence in the beta, with well over 20 members on often.  The weeks passed and FFXIV launched.  We rolled on Figaro because, like for many others, something about it reminded us of our favorite Final Fantasy experiences.  That was a good day.  A happy day.

As months went by we saw the population dwindle.  Our core members were steadfast however, weathering the storm we all felt would blow over soon.  Is this the game we really want to play for years to come?  I don't think that question really ever entered our minds, although our TS chats seemed to suggest otherwise!  Well, here we are nearing March of 2012 and we are still here.  We plan to stay right here, playing this game, holding it down every night.

This past month has been difficult, what with the delayed patches, people losing interest in current content, and post-holiday business getting back into full swing.  Holding a guild together is never really easy, but this game brings with it quite a few extra challenges that I wish it did not.  In any case, SE had announced their server merge idea, which was quickly shot down and replaced with a more rational one, and we wanted to make sure we considered all the possible options.  We ran polls, had many chats and discussions about it, and it became clear that NI was looking for a change of scenery.  I can't say there's one overarching reason because there really isn't.  I think it's a lot of small things, most of which aren't really important, but enough to encourage us to try a different flavor of ice cream.

Now, I was never really attached to Figaro, or its population, and that's definitely my fault.  I tend to run things very, how do you say, "old fashioned".  That is, I feel a linkshell should have a purpose and always work towards those goals.  To do that requires focus, and I believe my members embrace that idea as many of them do not have social pearls (and the few that do have just one, and it is not often worn), and yet we do not discourage being part of socials.  It's one of those details I look at and feel confident I can say "these guys get it" for whatever reason.  Of course, it all goes a lot deeper than that, but none of that really matters right now.  Our decision is made and we're sticking to it.

As for SE's merger idea, they came up with this handy little quick reference chart:

So we're going to be joining Mysidia and Istory servers on Gungnir.  I am planning to say goodbye to many people I have known on Figaro and also hello to those I will meet in the coming months, years, who-knows.

From the heart, it's really been a blast playing on Figaro.  I've seen a lot of skilled players come and go.  We've seen a lot of grudges held, experienced our bit of drama, and somehow kept our heads above the water.  None of that has ever really mattered because no matter what, we rarely miss a raid night and we have never PUG'd players on those raid nights.  We've also been able to have 8 Neutral Impact members and 2-3 sitting on the bench on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Whatever is making that happen I can only be grateful to.

To wrap it up, we'll be putting in our request to leave as soon as possible!  As we leave one server behind and move to the next, we want to wish everyone we've touched in some way good luck in their FFXIV adventures.  Keep on keepin' on you guys, all of you seriously, cuz you're what keeps this game going.   Peace!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open