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New Recruitment Officer brings unrivaled passion!

NI took a passionate leap forward bringing in a new Recruitment Officer.  Shiu Sarision wrote a great application for the position this past week and it spoke so much more than it said.

Shiu has been a member of Neutral Impact for almost a year now and has always been apart of a our raid core.  Always willing to fill a spot or drop out for another member, Shiu has shown a level of selflessness characteristic of a great player and member of our little linkshell.  Shiu performs well in all aspects of the game, from mapping (webhost for!), gathering, crafting, and on the battlefield too!  Shiu has always been someone who can be relied on and is someone I know will be here for a very long time.  This is a big step up for any member but I know Shiu will take to it well.

In Shiu's application for this position, big promises were made and I know they will be fulfilled!  In the near future, NI will be unveiling a new strategy for member recruitment and launching a new campaign to find great players on our new server.  Within a few days the products of this new promotion should be evident.  Stay tuned for all the big news coming at ya about NI in the coming weeks!

Congratulations to Shiu on this promotion!  You definitely deserved it for all your hard work!  Good luck!


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