The Impact Gaming Community is multi-game community currently serving PC gamers across various titles.  We are a group of semi-hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build lasting friendships! Each of us has a passion for gaming and we are always looking to expand our ranks.

Our community is home to MMO Chapters and public Gamer Groups which anyone can join. We are always looking to host new games to build and maintain solid teams and friendships which will make their mark on the gaming world.


Community Manager: Grey Jorildyn
Focus: End Game Guilds
Timezone: EST (GMT-5) to PST (GMT-8)
Avg. Players/guild: 35
Avg. Player age: 25+


The Impact Gaming Community is a group of skilled player who have gathered together under a single banner to game together in semi-hardcore fashion! We seek mature adults, who have a high level of gaming skill, to join our gaming community! Each of us has a passion for gaming, particularly MMORPGs, but we play other games as well. All of our guilds offer experienced leadership and have seasoned players on their rosters. Each guild is considered an "end game" group and works towards achieving top status on their respective servers.  Transparent rules are a major component of our gaming community and we consider everyone in the community an equal, regardless of role or rank. The community is based in North America, but we serve players from all around the world.

In IGC there are two categories of guilds.  Our first type are called Official Chapters, which represent our semi-hardcore end game groups.  These chapters are end-game focused as described above and maintain an active leadership team at all times of the year.  Official chapters get a listing in our website heading and become a part of our menu system so you can find out as much about the guild before utilizing their official application system.  Official chapters have private member forums and only those who earn a spot in the guild will be able to access them.

The second type of guild are Gamer Groups.  These groups are not necessarily focused on end game content but maintain a playerbase through typical IGC standards.  These guilds have public forums, viewable to guests and registrants alike, and do not generally have a tough recruitment process, if any.  Players can freely join these group by speaking with leaders or following posted directions on the forums.  Members of these groups are still required to register on our website and maintain some level of activity.  End game groups do sprout up out of these groups and they can become official chapters if the members there wish it.

The community utilizes Google Hangouts to community outside of games.  There is a global IGC hangouts as well as individual group-based hangouts.  Once accepted, speak to a leader to gain access to all the hangouts you need.

Official Chapters

Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV, 2010 - Present)

Neutral Impact is an end game focused PvE Free Company. NI has time-tested leadership and solid rules and policies in place. The group's core has been together for a number of years and is always looking for new blood to join our team. We recruit year-round and are growing quickly, so send in your application today to be considered for this team!

Men of Mountains (World of Warcraft, 2015 - Present)

The WoW guild began in early 2015 via some Friends & Family members that were hanging around Teamspeak most of their non-working hours.  One of 'em snagged a cool guild leader and off we went.  The guild does progressive raiding and has a good time chatting it up on TS.  Check 'em out on Stormrage server.

FPS Clans

Ballistic Impact (Arma 3, 2017 - Present)

Homegrown Impact (Overwatch, 2017 - Present)

Gamer Groups

Tabletop Simulator (2015 - Present)

We play games in Tabletop Simulator on Saturday nights! Ask Grey or AIMonster all about it or hit up the forums to find out what the big news is for this gamer group.  We play board games and card games and it is nothing but a good time.

Tabletop RPGs (2016)

The community is currently home to two Dungeon Masters who enjoy making their players suffer weekly.  If you or your friends are interested in hearing more about this group, contact Athrin or JazFireForge!

Rocket League (2016)

Rocket League is love.  Rocket League is life.  Our Rocket League gamer group just sprung up and is fairly casual.  We bring in players in the Challenger Ranks, including Challenger Elite and a few Rising Stars, to play ranked or unranked.  It's very unofficial, off-the-cuff, and hellafun as to be expected!  Grey runs this one.

In the future we hope to expand into other games and remain a solid team which will dominate content across the gaming world. Check out our "Watch List" and keep up on our Community News section!  Please check the community calendar for current event days for each guild.

How to Join

If you’re wondering how to join the community it’s simple really! All you have to do is be accepted to one of our official chapters or a gamer group. To do so, just apply to one of our guilds or gamer groups from the top of this page and see their forums and talk to those in charge!  If you've got a friend already in IGC then you can request community member status too!  Check our FAQ for additional information.


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